March 2013 Macon County Arts Council sponsored drawing workshops for teens and adults. Both were quite successful. Funding for workshops came from a combination of membership fees, grants and contributions


The teen clay classes are held each year. The 3 hour classes are twice a week for 2 weeks usually
scheduled for the end of June. Rake firings are the classes favorite time, held on the last day, weather permitting.


This class was designed to explore the difference in color in light and color in pigment. Each of the just over 100 students built a spinner. Each student attached a printed circle of colors to the top. The act of spinning the small top it mixed the light colors turning white. The second part of this exercise focuser on pigments. American Greetings Company very graciously donated large quantities of their non-toxic, water based printing inks.The ink was to pulled, equal parts, of primary colors over between each block of color creating a secondary or complimentary color. Also by mixing the primary colors coming up with black.