A  R  T  I  S  T     S  T  A  T  E  M  E  N  T

My work is actually a visual record of my maturing spirit. Each work marks a plateau of personal growth. I try to focus on the inherent honesty and purity of each expression. Each piece holds peculiar complexities; some are unpredictable and others are strategically placed. The physical challenge comes in recognizing the complimentary quirks and then using them to enhance the focus of the piece. I find great satisfaction in creating from the place where image and emotion coincide.

I find just as much satisfaction in the response of the viewer. Each work is formed with the anticipation of the viewer’s eye stopping to study, moving quickly then pausing again. Like a ballet, stirring a different emotion with every move.

With each piece I try to incorporate a sense of mystery and fascination, eluding prediction, stretching and altering perceptions. I use my work to provoke and inspire creative analysis of space, rhythm and movement while keeping close ties with a vaguely familiar form. I consider my work simply a link between artist and viewer sharing the same intimate experience.